Intelligent Workflow Based On Cognitive Computing

CITsmart is a High-productivity application platform as a service hpaPaaS that provides next-generation Intelligent Workflow based on Cognitive Computing. Cognitive Computing Systems use computerized models to simulate the human cognition process to find solutions in complex situations where the answers may be ambiguous and uncertain. Our platform has the rare ability among its peers to provide structure to service demands across the entire organization with orderly processing, tracking, and controlling of desired outcomes through actionable insights derived from intelligent workflows related to workloads originated by business rules.

All functions, processes, and workflows will be digitally customized with the help of our consultants in order to maximize the best use of business data and available resources, to support the decision-making process; secure expected business outcomes, and quickly adapt through the power of our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to challenges under normal, ambiguous, atypical and even emergency situational scenarios.

CITsmart brings to fruition the promise of an Intelligent digital workflow platform that manages services and integrates business processes, that closely relates with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Service Management space by reducing the amount of coding required to process user requirements due to advanced system intuition, teamwork orchestration and continuous monitoring of performance-linked up to AI application integration through our “drag-and-drop” builder and “pre-built connectors”.

We are at your disposal to demonstrate our hpaSaaP to you at your earliest availability.


Julio Ferreira