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The fear of changes

By Julio C. Ferreira,

Compliance is the enemy of development and the jailor of freedom.”

                                                                                                                  John Kennedy


We have been all prepared to detest quizzes, exams and tests. We simply don’t like to run the risks inherent in the search of happiness.


Accustomed to say amen to eccentricities we always save our...Read More »

Julio Ferreira is the best connection to do business in Brazil

Julio Ferreira  is the best connection to do business in Brazil,  my love for Brazil, nature, family  and friends !  A loyalty and competent partner to help you and your company to do business within one of the largest emerging economies on the planet.




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Green Kids - Investment Opportunity


Presents  Green Kids Mall

Investmen Opportunity  / New Green Business Conceptt

Dear Investors


Allow me to take...Read More »


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