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Green Kids Village, GKV – Initial Pro Forma Description

Green Kids Village, GKV – Initial Pro Forma Description

 Dear Investor 

You have an unparalleled opportunity to break new ground — to play an
integral role in global change while profiting from a new, untapped revenue
stream of similarly global proportions. You hold in your hands an invitation
to a bold new frontier inside an eco-friendly project in Austin, TX. We call it
Green Kids Eco-Village. 

Our kids are facing a crisis:

Children the world over fall in with the wrong crowd, partly because they
have no safe place to play and be kids. Boredom, coupled with a high-risk
environment, leads to drug and alcohol abuse, gang-related activity, mental
illness, and the dead-end spiral of despair and wasted potential. Green Kids
Village represents an innovative and long-overdue alternative — a series of
eco-friendly, sustainable villages in which parents can let their kids
play, eat, see, and be seen with the assurance that they’re
spending their time in a safe and positive environment.

By bringing the next generation of children up to love and appreciate the
natural world, we hope to change the planet for the better, one city at a
time, one child at a time. A real sustainable life to build now. 

The architect Jay Hargrave and I envision the typical Green  Kids  Eco-Mall
as a beautiful, restful space including a natural grotto with a climbing
wall, a generously-sanded play area, a science pond, and a patio for
additional outdoor fun and enjoyment. Indoor areas include workstations, an
arboretum with meeting rooms, and even a Green Kids television studio, discotheque, daycare, auditoriums, gardens,  etc.

Retail opportunities in the village will abound for organic shops, healthy
snack bars and restaurants, bookstores, arcades, and others whose owners
wish to be associated with a green, kid-friendly environment. On a deeper
level, corporate partnerships are currently available for major players who
recognize the potential upside of attaching themselves to a massively
positive worldwide phenomenon.

   It is said that he who arrives at the river first drinks the clearest
. We invite you to stake your claim at the riverside before other
socially-conscious, revenue-minded competitors get there first. 

 Make history with us by partnering with Green Kids  Eco- Village, and place
your company on virgin territory, not just in the U.S and Brazil, but
throughout the world, for a new and fruitful chapter in its own history. A
healthy investment in healthy children on a healthy planet — that’s the
Green Kids opportunity.

If you’re ready to take it, contact me today to speak more about the role
you can play in shaping the retail environment of tomorrow.  

I am waiting for your kind feedback. 

  Thank you. 

Best Regards 

Pro forma description:

Green Kids Village is a new business concept focused on reintroducing our
young people to the importance and pleasure of true sustainable activities
and ultimately sustainable philosophy.  GKV will include partnerships in
media, automotive, retail, hospitality and the public entities coalescing in
the launch of its 66 million dollar flagship facility located in Austin
Texas.  It will connect shopping, boutique hotel, slow food cuisine, and
Sustainable Play.  

Additional GKV will be the proud host of the first Nissan Leaf electric car
showroom that is independent from the rest of the brand.  Connected to the
showroom will be a Clean Service facility where anyone can watch the Leaf
being serviced and a demonstration bay that educates us all on the life
cycle of a Leaf.

GKV is offering a 30% position in the company in consideration for 5 million
in initial capital the further develop the brand and develop the debut of it
flagship facility.

For the Flagship facility, we estimate that we will 26 million in long term
equity with projected returns at 20%, assuming 60% leverage at 5%.

In other words:

The project is 300,000 sf of shopping and structured entertainment and
education on about 34 acres of land.  The total cost of the project is 64.5
million.  At a leverage rate of 60%, we will need 26.2 million in equity at a
cost of 20% and 39.3 million in debt at a cost of 5% per year.  The cost of
equity and debt becomes the rent on the facility at 7.2 million per year at
a capitalization rate of 11%.  

Operations are estimated at 8 million for a total annual operating budget of
15.3 million.  In addition to rents from retail tenants, GKV needs to
generate an additional 12 million in annual revenue to pay all bills.  This
can be achieved by charging 100000 subscribers 125.00 per year for unlimited

  Additional revenue can be generated through sponsorships, grants, and GKV
owned concessions.  If investment capital cost can be reduced to the level of
debt then the rent is cut in half, but that would require investment with
goals other than typical returns on projects like this.

Please let me know if you would like to talk about it.

Thank you 

Julio Ferreira <>