About Julio Ferreira

About Julio Ferreira:  Entrepreneur, Director, International Corporate Business Development Adviser, Strategic Partnership Facilitator with a background in Marketing, Sustainability, Customer Service, Innovations, Corporate Challenges, Political Relationships, and Green Tech Business. 

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Julio Ferreira is the driving force behind Green Kids Austin and its sister project, an innovative “sustainable village” and ecological education resource for young people. Born in Brazil, he lives in Texas as an American citizen with his family. His global perspective and talent for cutting-edge commercial strategies, com­bined with his passion for protecting the environment through sustainable development solutions, has earned him an international reputation as an enthusiastic visionary and business pioneer.

Mr. Ferreira was born in Brazil and served in politics for 20 years in Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he helped to consolidate the Democratic process. He co-founded the PMDB with Tancredo Neves, Ulysses Guimaraes, Pedro Simon, and others. His courageous stance in seeking a new direction away from environmentally harmful development and toward a new, sustainable global order elevated him to the legislative House in Brazil. There he built a relation­ship with the steel factory CSN, persuading that company to improve the quality of life for Volta Redonda citizens investing in the city.  His deep understanding of envi­ronmental and educational challenges led to his directorship of BBC Bra­zil US Business Connect, a venture that helps international business leaders identify global opportunities for sustainable economic development in the green field and brow field.

Throughout his career as an ecological pioneer in Brazil, Mr. Ferreira has held fast to his passions, values, and love of life, bringing the warmth and humor of his Brazilian upbringing to his everyday interactions.

 A devoted Family man and loyal friend, he remains a true student of the world, treating each day as an opportunity to learn and grow.

In addition to his work with Green Kids Austin and Green Kids Brazil, Mr. Ferreira also serves as part­ner adviser to BraziInvest in Sao Paulo, Garnero family www.brasilinvest.com.br Green Sources Partners CA, Microsoft, Yun Capital adviser in NY ( www.yuncapital.com ), UEC Uranium Energy Corp in Vancouver, Gold mining in Vancouver, Piquet Realty FL, BOVESPA, Lavor e Lopes Consulting in Brazil, MEMEX OEE, CITSmart Corp.  He has also co-founded the Brazil-US Green Technology Trade Association building connections with leading thinkers such as Harvard attorney Daniel Wolf, George Giantizes AXEA Group, Cristiano Piquet, Mario Garnero, Jorge Geisel, Jay Hargreaves, David Smith Rick Perry and

Julio belongs to IA international accelerator in Austin Texas. https://iaccelerator.com/team/julio-ferreira