Letter to Biden

Letter to Presidents Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Joe Biden of the United States:

I wish to bring an open and honest dialogue between our countries about a vital and urgent topic.  We currently face the challenge of encouraging economic growth while maintaining respect for nature. One of the Earth’s most priceless resources, the Amazon Rain Forest, is in danger, and we cannot afford to lose it. We have no time to waste—NOW is the time to work together as good partners and friends to protect our planet.

We all can agree that nature is under great threat, due to illegal mining, deforestation, fire, and other careless practices. It is our responsibility as human beings to ensure the preservation of such a precious gift—for ourselves and our children, as well as for the thousands of other species that call this planet home.

As the two largest countries in the Americas, by population, the United States and Brazil have a duty to lead out in preserving this vital resource. We MUST work together in an eco-friendly alliance to be successful in this endeavor. We no longer have time to waste on political ideology or empty dialogue. We need a Big Green Deal now our two countries, as well as our neighbors in the Americas. Former US President Barrack Obama would be a great facilitator of this deal, as he has shown a passion for protecting the environment.

I would like to propose a unique and smart approach to this situation—the creation of the first international green technology hub in the Americas. In this center, we could bring unparalleled change by assembling the greatest group of “green brains” in the world. This “lighthouse” of green technology would be the heart of bio-innovation and technology, to create ideas for realistically preserving the ecosystem and resources of the rain forest and other essential components of the environment.

These great green minds will come up with solutions for sustainability practices to improve the environment. They will find ways to mine and produce the products we need, without depleting and destroying the rainforest and nature. Their ideas for eco-friendly business partnerships and green free trade will help businesses support nature, rather than squandering it. They will discover ways to stimulate cooperation between agribusiness and organic producers. They will educate our people on ways to reduce our impact on natural resources, as well as conceive of sufficient motivations to do so. Through their vision, we will drive the global dirt economy to a clean and sustainable economy! Sustainability is the key to safely and successfully developing the Amazon region in Brazil.

Of course, an idea like this costs money. One way to finance such an endeavor is through contributions or sponsorships from large corporations that benefit from trade throughout the Americas. Amazon, led by its CEO, Jeff Bezos, for example, would be a perfect suggestion. By playing a part in this international effort, this company would demonstrate that they are an environmentally friendly and responsible part of the global community; That they respect the River from which they borrowed their name. They have sufficient resources to contribute significantly to this project and their prominent international influence would bring attention and credibility. Mr. Bezos recently created a Green Fund of over $2 Billion US dollars to fight climate change. They are aware of the threats to our environment and want to help.

As a friend and citizen of both Brazil and the United States and an advocate for nature, I would love to facilitate discussions regarding this great solution:  The International Green-Tech Hub of Americas. I have many ideas for bringing this about and experience in bringing people together.

The only chance we as humans have to survive into the next century is by respecting nature and cooperating with sustainability practices.  It is imperative that we work together to lead out in this effort. Through a great green alliance, we will become a great American Fortress, united in the protection of our people and of our most precious resources. Through our joined efforts, we will enjoy a win for nature and for the economy; a win for both Brazil and the United States; a win for the world!

Julio Ferreira
Brazil US Business Connect
1-512 636 2001
 Austin -Texas
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