Entrepreneurial Partnership Works to Build Sustainable, Healthy World for Kids / USA and Brazil


Austin, TX, Rio de Janeiro Brazil- Monday January 14, 2013 ] – A Brazilian-American entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable technologies and green innovation is taking steps to build a safer, healthier environment for children. Austin-based entrepreneur Julio Ferreira has announced the formation of the JTJ Partnership...Read More »

Green Kids Mall Opportunity

Presents Green Kids Mall —- Investment Opportunity

New Green Business Concept

Eco friendly Outdoor Mall- Green Innovation

Dear Investors

Allow me to take this opportunity to be introduced to you Green Kids. I own and manage Green Kids Sustainable Village founded in Austin, TX and expanding to Brazil. I am friend...Read More »

Brazil US Green Tech Trade Association



Brazil-USA Green Technology Trade Association

The principal objectives of the Brazil-USA Green Technology Trade Association are to

  • Build cooperation between Brazil and the U.S.A. in the fields of green technology and green energy
  • Assist businesses with interests in green technology and energy to find and develop promising technologies and relationships
  • Enhance...Read More »