Brazil US Green Tech Trade Association


Brazil-USA Green Technology Trade Association

The principal objectives of the Brazil-USA Green Technology Trade Association are to

  • Build cooperation between Brazil and the U.S.A. in the fields of green technology and green energy
  • Assist businesses with interests in green technology and energy to find and develop promising technologies and relationships
  • Enhance relationships between universities, research organizations, and businesses in both countries and thereby to increase the pace of innovation
  • Help technologists and capital providers to find each other
  • Increase governmental, business and public interactions in order to improve green policy development and policy consonance across jurisdictions.

The means to accomplish these objectives will include conferences, facilitated networking opportunities, vetted database resources, working groups to develop industry standards, and educational programming that enhances diffusion and adoption of conservation practices and green technologies. The Association’s great breadth of membership is likely to stimulate other creative activities as well.

The Association’s membership structure will reflect its commitment both to its members and to the larger world. Like most trade associations, its principal members will be businesses; unlike those others, however, research organizations and universities will be formal members, and government officials will participate ex officio. The result will be fruitful cross-fertilization and collaboration, and greater progress in developing synergies between private goals and public needs.

The Association will bring into its ranks companies and organizations of the highest caliber, some of which are already leaders in their fields, and others that are poised, because of their intellectual properties, to become technology leaders. Membership dues will vary by member organization size and ability to pay; startup companies, small research organizations, and local governments are encouraged to join.

we are working  to  invite BrasilInvest Group, Mario Garnero family in Sao Paulo,to kick off the Association’s American membership drive in 2012 The Institute of the Americas at UCSD will host both public and private meetings, and similar events will be arranged in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Austin, Miami and NY , Morrison & Foerster LLP is legal counsel to the Association.

The Association cordially invites organizations involved in any way with green technology to join as Founding Members. Founding Members will receive special benefits in exchange for their early commitment.

The Brazil-USA Green Technology Trade Association is more than a business association among business associations. It is a practical means to help meet the challenges presented to us by the world we have made and that our children will inherit.