Green Kids Mall Opportunity

Presents Green Kids Mall —- Investment Opportunity

New Green Business Concept

Eco friendly Outdoor Mall- Green Innovation

Dear Investors

Allow me to take this opportunity to be introduced to you Green Kids. I own and manage Green Kids Sustainable Village founded in Austin, TX and expanding to Brazil. I am friend of Mario Garnero group in Sao Paulo, we have been close business associates for some time and based on some of my new projects, I was encouraged to contact you as a smart connection with Brazilian investor and entrepreneurs . I believe we would make a fantastic strategic partners in developing these concepts and bringing them to market here in the US and Brazil . After reviewing some information on you and your company you seem to have a keen sense at identifying innovation and potential inside and outside the global business and green innovations.

            green kids new logo - July 2011

Green kids is a specialized venue for the development of sustainable and renewable products and services. Our range of services are designed to educate, promote and protect the interests of our global community. Our venue also offers customers special retail shops to purchase sustainable products exclusively, this would be a first in the US. Our research indicates that Austin Texas and Vitoria ES is quite literally the best places for such a venue. Additionally, our facility will provide a strong educational focus on helping families go green.

Bearing in mind the kind of business we are, the purpose of this letter is to outline to you our new business strategy which it is aimed to establish a networking relationship between our companies. This networking would help my business develop new and better posited financial allies as well as offer your business access to some of my business contacts in Brazil in green technology field. A short briefing of our current project are enclosed with this e-mail.

We are looking forward to your favorable consideration on this matter. Should you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to having your bright business intelligence with me to take this green venture off the ground.

Thank you- Julio Ferreira – 512 636 2001  -Austin TX


Eco friendly  Outdoor Mall-  Green Innovation

The new Green Village Mall is more than a standard shopping mall. It is a themed outdoor shopping venue with interactive learning environments, specialty shops, and unique eateries that will make simply being here a step in the right direction for our future. It is a place where parents can visit with their children and learn by doing, learning about the world around them and ways to make their world better. Our mall is one of the first of its kind to successfully cultivate ideas that foster sustainability for the next generation. Adults can come to a place where they know they can find the environmentally sensitive products they desire and extend this culture of green living to their home. The EcoVillage is quite literally “sustainability made simple”.


The Austin market is prime for a venue like this. Green Village will bring a new standard of shopping and entertainment to Austin, Texas. Local residents and visitors to the Texas state capital will enjoy the high-end retail shops, restaurants and other attractions guaranteed to be as eclectic and exciting as Austin itself.

Supported by a flourishing job market, the population of Austin has seen steady growth in recent years resulting in an expanding shopper base for Green Village. In addition, the site will enjoy a prime location in one of the city’s top trade areas and close to high-income neighborhoods. Like Austin itself, Green Village Mall will soon be the place to be.

Why this business?

Along with the shopping and educational functions, this project will also be able to serve the community. Throughout the center it will have gathering spots for people to interact socially. It can have play areas where kids can safely play, also offering a place for the parents to interact as well. A daycare area and even an after-school center where green education can take place is also part of the green village package. Offering our community a chance to take part in the future of shopping today. Customers really have little options to shop responsibly. Even more over,


Unique service

The simple truth is that we are living in a time where economic, and global awareness are becoming a more and more important part of our daily lives. So much so that our concerns are surfacing in everything from what products we purchase, to how our products are made. Staying conscious of these types of issues make just shopping at the Green Village mall a small plus on our way to a better tomorrow. There are themed outdoor shopping centers like the successful Irvine Spectrum, the Americana at Brand and the Universal City Walk. The theme for this retail mall is an Green Village, a place where sustainable, green companies can show off their wares, but in a more intimate setting that does not feel as corporate. The feel of these unique shopping centers place you in another mindset and that is what we want for this, taking the visitor out of their quick-trip shopping agenda, to a more journey like experience.

In addition to the main attraction, this center will also serve an educational function. In the walking path and interspersed throughout the center are little follies, and breakout points that lead to other paths geared towards a specific aspect of green living. As you walk along, you come across a path that will lead you through an example of native central Texas plants with a shopping list of what you saw at the end. Further along the main path, kids can come across a giant working solar panel which you can rotate and change to find the best orientation to produce the most power, at the end you are directed to the store where you find these types of green products for your home.


The Green Village management team is lead by founder, Julio Ferreria and partner Trae Hudson. Along with the rest of his team of professionals, Mr. Ferreria will take the Green Village from an incredible local business to an international and global powerhouse. Julio Ferreira is the driving force behind Green Kids Austin and its sister project, Green Kids Brazil, an innovative “sustainable mall” and ecological education resource for young people. Born Brazil to an American mother from New York and a father from Portugal, he lives as an American citizen with his family in Austin, Texas. His global perspective and talent for cutting-edge commercial strategies, combined with his passion for protecting the environment through sustainable development solutions, has earned him an international reputation as an enthusiastic visionary and business pioneer.


Green Village is set to be one of the freshest shopping experiences in the history of American shopping. We are offering investors the opportunity to be part of an amazing, highly profitable, innovative project. We are seeking $28M for a 61% equity ownership. Expected earnings can be found in the investors package, available upon request.