Dear fellow Brazilians ! 


Dear fellow Brazilians !            

You all know me from my experience inside the green technology sector and from when I held my political position in Brazil.

You are all also aware obviously that I now live in Texas .

But let me tell you something exciting that is going on America.

Investment capital here is changing course quickly and pouring into green/environmental companies via private investments and Venture Capital..Further the regulations for these types of investments has just been loosened to facilitate immediate growth in this industry and capital investment.

Further there is an abundance of government and carbon credit incentives for these companies as fueling the growth of these companies.

As the value of the USD has depreciated now is the time to participate in this opportunity.

I can now offer you direct information and investment into these companies.

For a complete list of investment s available please fill out the investor form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you – Julio Ferreira

512  636 2001 – Austin Texas















































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