Why Brazil and Texas ?


Why Brazil and Texas ….?

Now until 2020 will be a decade of great and dynamic social, political, economic, financial, existential change throughout The Americas. And getting your US company connected to the Brazilian investor community in order to establish strategic relationships and obtain access to finance is a critical concern for serious, knowledgeable, insightful US business executives committed to discovering new opportunities for continued growth and profits.

Participation of Brazilian companies in foreign markets is estimated at more than $28 billion in 2011 with expectations of further growth throughout the decade. The primary reason being devaluation of foreign companies paralleling the devaluation of their respective national fiat-currencies. In the case of US companies, the appreciation of the Brazilian real versus the US dollar gives greater purchasing and investing power to Brazilian companies and investment firms. Confirmation of this economic and financial reality may be found in the steadily increasing value of gold bullion and corresponding decrease in value of the US dollar.

“Just recently, the Brazilian real hit a six-year high against the US dollar. It’s also gaining against the euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen and eleven other most actively traded currencies tracked by Bloomberg. In fact, this year the Brazilian real is the strongest major currency in the world… Last week the Brazil trade surplus expanded to 9.8 billion with long-term growth trends firmly in place.” – Money and Markets by Weiss Research, August 18th, 2010


São Paulo – the “Brazilian locomotive” – is the quintessential driver of the Brazilian economy. It is home to almost every major and minor industry and financial service center. The city headquarters more North American companies amongst any other city outside the United States. São Paulo’s stock exchange is the BOVESPA; it’s futures exchange is the BM&F. UniBanco recently merged with ITAU and is now the largest private bank in Brazil. ABVCAP, the Brazilian association for venture (empreendedor) capital, provides private equity for qualified Brazilian and international projects.

BOVESPA is the only stock trading center in Brazil and Latin America’s largest stock exchange, ac¬counting for nearly 70% of the regions trade volume. BOVESPA has a technological infrastructure comparable to the world’s most developed markets, besides playing an essential role amongst inter¬national investors. It is an active member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE). Federacion IberoAmerica de Bolsas (FIAB) and International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO). BBC can assist you in getting your US company connected to the BOVESPA.


“As Friedrich Nietzche famously stated: “There are no facts only interpretations.” and BBC’s prescient interpretation of current economic and financial facts from The Americas coupled with our predictions of future values for the US dollar, Brazilian real and gold bullion are well worth a preliminary phone conversation. Call me, in Austin, Texas and let’s get started by discussing the things that really matter!


Brazil Business Connect is Julio Ferreira

Executive Connection Process

The conflation of proprietary intellectual capital with global interconnection, high speed communication, and access to finance is generating a treasure trove of valuable knowledge. The volume of created content will quadruple in the next few years so, those relatively few individuals – the “10%ers” – who understand the significance of this phenomena will be able to take full advantage of the rapidly accelerating, worldwide, once-in-a-lifetime, economic and financial crisis/opportunity manifesting before us. And Brazil Business Connect /Executive Connection Process is the golden key for releasing the potential of your business plan and financial requirements to the right individuals in Brazil .

Executive Business Strategy “A” / Personal Introductions / $12,000,00


ECP Strategy “B” / Electronic Introductions / $10,000 (mo. 1) + $10,000 (mo. 2) + $10,000 (mo. 3)


ECP Strategy “C” / Proprietary Investor Data Base / $15,000 for 6 months of connection

The following ancillary services are available to US companies; preliminary cost estimates will be quoted in US dollars:

• Website translation into Portuguese with links ($4,500 and up)

• Creation of Portuguese/English PowerPoint presentation $ 2000

• Creation and production of multi-lingual DVD

• Translation of print materials into Portuguese

 Recommendation of an appropriate Brazilian business consultant and/or attorney will be provided to US company upon finalization of BBC Consultants Agreement and payment of first month fee. Quotation of initial fees for professional business services will be provided to US company by the respective principal of the Brazilian consulting and/or legal firm.

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